The “New” Family – Homosexuality

In case there might be those who read this and think I am casting stones for the sake of a good workout please read on. I want to clarify that I am not “hating” homosexuals but am contending with homosexuality itself.  Many years ago, I was involved in the gay community as a straight person. (Three years during my teenage years.) Later, after Christ became my Savior and I went to college, I had the privilege of being involved in a start-up church that was in the Capitol Hill area of Denver. At this church, I witnessed for an entire year, as one of the pastors, the deliverance of over 40 gay and lesbian individuals. The largest section of this church was former homosexuals. It was amazing. One of the most loving churches I have ever been privileged to be involved in. They KNEW the love of Christ. In my experiences, I’ve been next to a Christian brother who died from AIDS – who taught me a few things about living. I’ve seen an ex-gay and ex-lesbian marry each other, then have and raise godly children – who taught me a few things about being a better husband and father. Finally, I knew a male, former homosexual, who loved his newly married wife so much he has never had sex with her. He has AIDS and does not want to give it to her. He taught me more than a few things about love and relationships on a dimension I still can not fathom. All I can say is I am a sinner saved by faith in Christ alone by grace alone. I make no pretense to be something I am not – nor judge others when I am a sinner as well. The exception would be if Scripture speaks on it, then I need to speak on it. May God bless you in all your endeavors in life and raising children who will make an impact on Him. One generation at a time.

This past year has brought with it an alarming attack on the family.  All of these institutions, from the President to a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices and from the Boy Scouts to A&E, are using children as props in a power scheme to redefine the family.  They are different puppets who are using the same strings. Whoever defines the family and marriage in our society controls it. We as believers are in an epic struggle in our culture and lifetime. What’s at stake?  If we do not get involved in this battle we are decapitating the next generation of the Church. I have written this article to be used as proof and to build confidence in God’s people that the foundation homosexuals stand on is weak and feeble.

We at GIM will continue to teach and train parents in Biblical principles for the purpose of raising morally responsible and Biblically responsive children.

Listed below are seven discussion points to empower you 1) to reply to or 2) to approach those around you who do, or do not, share your Biblical views about the current “new” family – homosexuality.


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and many other scientific research centers have been looking for a “gay” gene for decades. Nothing has been found. Nothing! There is no credible research or scientific discovery anywhere that a gene exists. To quote Dr. Neil Whitehead, who has scientifically researched homosexuality for over twenty years, “In a nutshell, if you take pairs of identical twins in which one twin is homosexual, the identical co-twin is usually not homosexual. That means, given that identical twins are always genetically identical, homosexuality can not be genetically dictated, no-one is born gay.”

Let us look at the American Psychological Association (APA) which recently updated its brochure, “Answers to Your Questions for a Better Understanding of Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality.” It reads, “There is no consensus among scientists about the exact reasons that an individual develops a heterosexual, bisexual, gay or lesbian orientation. Although much research has examined the possible genetic, hormonal, developmental, social, and cultural influences on sexual orientation, no findings have emerged…” There is no “gay” gene.

For argument sake let’s just say a “gay” gene is found. IF that were to happen, it would have to be a recessive gene since homosexuals can not reproduce in and of themselves. It is physically and naturally impossible for two men or two women to have children unless a heterosexual is involved. They have to get their children from heterosexuals. Because of this, if you’re an evolutionist, you would have to believe that this gene should have been extinct several hundred million years ago. It seems all of nature can reproduce itself but gays and lesbians. Even nature cries this out (Romans 1:20). Homosexuality is not natural. If you watch much television or go to movies you might be thinking that a majority of our nation or world is gay and lesbian. According to Williams Institute at UCLA (a gay and lesbian think tank) a 2011 study found 3.5% of the population is gay. That number does not increase when it is accepted or legalized. Take any country that has done so and you will find a small percentage in proportion to the general population.


To those who might be more emotionally bent, I give you how the outspoken homosexual proponents use bullying and words. Those techniques include public attacks, demeaning individuals, not talking about the issue and even threatening. The verbiage used includes the words racist (they are trying to align themselves with legitimate civil rights), bigot, and of course homophobic. In this offensive tactic they are showing that they indeed are aloof, intolerant, judgmental, and heterophobic. An extreme example of this would be Floyd Lee Corkins. Continue to pray for the salvation of their souls.


The world has a terrible track record after accepting homosexuality as a norm. Has any great nation in the past made it past one generation after the acceptance of homosexuality? Like Greece and Rome, they crumbled and became irrelevant, internally destroyed with but a skeleton on the outside.


According to, “The LGBT Financial Experience: 2012-13 Prudential Research Study” the average lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) household makes twice what an average family makes in the U.S. According to this same study, over half of the LGBT households have at least a bachelor’s degree. As a comparison, 16% of blacks nationwide have a bachelor’s degree and overall, 30% of the population has a bachelor’s degree. When LGBT’s try to equate themselves with the long road people of color have had to travel it is a little unnerving. I really do not see the illiterate and poor struggling side for LGBT’s. It is like they are using someone else’s trials to elevate themselves in order to gain special rights including glorifying a behavior. In essence, they are trivializing what minorities have gone through for over a century. What are next special rights for – incest, polygamy and bestiality? The door has already been opened. (See the group Unitarian Universalists for Polyamory Awareness and many quotes from leaders in LGBT.) In my fifty plus years of life, I have never met a former black. I, however, have known over 50 former gay and lesbians from ministry experiences in Biblical counseling.

  1. HEALTH:

This behavior is very unhealthy. We know about AIDS and HIV, but what about the additional costs to our fragile health system? There are individual and public health issues. There are physical and mental issues. The American Medical Association (AMA) says homosexuals are 6 times more likely to commit suicide, 5 times more likely to smoke/suffer alcohol abuse, 4 times more likely to suffer panic disorder/be bi-polar, and 10 times more likely to get syphilis. AMA also states that homosexuals have an extraordinary frequency of anal cancer, herpes, hepatitis B and C, genital warts, HPV and Chlamydia. The average lifespan is 8–20 years less then the general population. Not only the act itself of sodomy but the sheer number of partners makes it unhealthy. In all the studies I have read the highest percentage of homosexuals having sex with only one partner in a lifetime is fewer than 3%. The highest I have seen is a thousand partners in a lifetime at 28% of all homosexuals. Other research shows a median frequency in a year with different partners at almost 42.

  1. FAMILY:

The re-defining of marriage and the family is happening at a very fast pace in our culture. Even homosexuals are surprised at the speed in the past 10 years at how the media, entertainment industry, law and politics have embraced their agenda. While the Church focuses on the break up of the traditional family (though important) there is a far darker cloud looming overhead – the break up of gay and lesbian relationships that produce children who are devastated and lost. Studies are just now starting to accumulate from University of Texas and Stanford to name a few. These children are prone to high risk behavior being social misfits in multiple areas. Yet, gay and lesbians are allowed to adopt.

Studies from the “Journal of Marriage and Family, Volume 74, Issue 5, Pages 973-988” show interesting stats in Britons gay and lesbian households for same sex break ups. Another study in 2006 published in “Demography” for Scandinavia shows the same kind of connections of same sex couple break ups. Break ups of any parents is a traumatic ordeal but much more in these studies for same sex couples. Though same sex couples enter legal unions at an older age (one would think some relational maturity would be involved) male same sex marriages break up at twice the rate of heterosexual marriages. For female same sex marriages it is even worse. A whopping 77% higher than same sex male unions. Yet, homosexuals are trying to not only gain “equality” with heterosexual marriages but eradicate traditional marriage completely. It is interesting to note that homosexual activists consistently destroy marriage, which is the very thing they are trying to get.  There is a deeper agenda going on here. It is NOT “equality”! This kind of proof for the destruction of families is not what you are allowed to see in our nations outlets of information.

A Danish study published in 2006 of “Archives of Sexual Behaviors” included data from two million men and women. The research, interestingly enough, suggested a link between family relationships and being heterosexual. For instances, the research found for each additional year one’s parents stay married, the probability of heterosexual marriage in the children increased by 1.6% among sons and 1.0% among daughters. This massive study also found that, “for men, unknown paternal identity, parental divorce, short duration of cohabitation with both parents, and long duration of father-absent cohabitation with mother were all associated with increased rates of homosexual marriage.” For women, homosexual marriage increased when parents of women were married briefly, and those who experienced long durations of time when the mother was absent due to abandonment or death during the teen years. The intact and interactive father and mother in the family are extremely important. Is it no wonder that homosexual activists are trying to destroy the traditional family to get more adherents to there scheme and behavior?


Billy Graham was once quoted as saying, “If God does not judge America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.” Jay Leno has gotten a little more specific, “If God doesn’t destroy Hollywood Boulevard, He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.” Scripture is clear on homosexuality – it is a sin. Leviticus 18:22, I Corinthians 6:9-11 and Romans 1:18-32 are a few examples. There is a design in Genesis 1-2 created by God in starting with the very first social relationship, the husband/wife relationship. God ordained and anointed it. A relationship we should emulate and defend for any society. It is interesting for me to observe lesbian relationships that typically have one of the women looking like a guy. Why the need to look like a heterosexual relationship? Why, in a gay relationship, are one or both men trying to be feminine? Why the need to try and emulate the way God had originally designed it – yet rebel from it with some one who is of the same sex? Sin!

We are in a watershed moment in time in our nation. It is time to be loving and truthful – but definitely involved. It is time to be praying for our leaders in this country, if they are not pro-traditional family, we must get involved in the political precinct process (March 4, 2014 in Colorado) and get someone in that is.  We can work in a candidate’s campaign who is pro-family, give to a candidate who is family positive, register and then vote for good family candidates.  In addition, we need to volunteer to give both money and effort to family friendly ministries, volunteer and give to ministries who work in the homosexual community, train and teach your children Biblically, volunteer time and give to your church, and stand individually and corporately as His Church. PRAY FOR REVIVAL!!!!

In His Grip,
Noah McKelvin
President of GIM

Joel 2: 12-14 & Hosea 6: 6

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