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This almost 300 page book is written to enhance the learning in our seminars.  However, you can purchase this book by itself.  It includes empowering information regarding the Parenting Pillars that must be evidenced in our homes for our relationships to be successful.  With a focus on God’s Word and on God’s strength, your family is sure to benefit from reading and applying these principles.

We exist to impact generations in a positive way through the presenting and day-to-day application of God’s Word, God’s Strength, and God’s Presence in the family!

God has generational goals for your family and your children, which is derived directly from your parenting and from your home. He not only wants to impact your children and the world today through your children – but he longs to impact the World tomorrow through you and your children.

Psalms 78:5b-7: “ Which He commanded our fathers that they should teach them to their children”, “that the generation to come might know even the children yet to be born, that they may arise and tell them to their children”,” that they should put their confidence in God and not forget the works of God, but keep His commandments.”

Because of this, we believe that nothing can represent Christ more (or misrepresent Christ the most) as a family and the success/failure of relationships within the home. The family is absolutely vital to our future impact. The core of a nation is the family, the core of a family is the husband/wife relationship and the core of that relationship is Jesus Christ.

God authored the family and He has provided all the answers for the family, primarily in His Word! Our goal is to present the relevant answers to your family through His Word.

God has enormous purposes behind the walls of your home and within the walls of your children’s hearts. Mainly, a heart of obedience, a heart of surrender, and a heart to ultimately Glorify HIM!

This Course:

  • 1) makes God’s Word relevant to your family’s needs,
  • 2) provides practical application and ‘homework’ that can be implemented on a weekly basis and
  • 3) points participants to the purpose of impacting the future generations – beginning with the hearts of their own children.

Within this ministry, there are numerous topics that are a focus in the seminars, speaking engagements, and in mentoring others.  We call these, Parenting Pillars.  These truths become evident in our homes as we better understand God’s Word and God’s Heart.